Giovanni Ortenzi

Post-doc position at the Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics of the University of Milano Bicocca (Italy).
phone: +39(0)264485725
address:  via R. Cozzi, 55  I-20125 Milano (Italy)

Short CV (italian long version)

2001          Master degree in Physics (Laurea) at the University of Milan.
                  Thesis:  ``Topological defects and vortices in 2+1D'' (in italian)
                  Advisor: Prof. R. Ferrari
2001-2004 PhD in Pure and appled Mathematics at the University of Milan-Bicocca
                  Thesis: ``New integrable hierarchies and vertex operators for polynomial Lie algebra''
                  Advisor: Prof. F. Magri .
2005-2007 Lagrange fellowship at the Politecnico of Turin
                  Argument: Mathematical models for eukaryotic chemiotaxis
2007-2008 Post-doc position at the University of Pavia
                  Title: ``Quantum gravity, lattice supersymmetries and evolutionary PDEs''
2008          MISGAM Fellowship at the University of Angers
                  Title:``On the notion of duality in finite and infinite-dimensional bi-Hamiltonian integrable systems''
2008-2011 Post-doc position at the University of Milano Bicocca
                  Title: ``Integrable systems''
2012          Post-doc position at the University of Milano Bicocca
                  Title: ``Nonlinear Waves and Application to Life Sciences''
Research Interests
List of publications

1. G.Ortenzi, M. Spreafico, Zeta function regularization for a scalar field in a compact domain, J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 37 11499-11517
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