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Argomenti di Geometria e Topologia (2017-1S)

Syllabus (preliminary)

The aim of the course is to take some classic topics in algebraic topology of simplicial complexes, introducing homology theory, cohomology theory and some aspects of homotopy theory. Contents: Simplicial complexes, homology and cohomology of polyhedra, triangulable manifolds, homotopy groups.

Prerequisites: Basic topics covered in bachelor courses of geometry and algebra 

Main topics: Fundamental concepts: topological spaces, connectedness, compactness, function spaces, general ideas on Categories, push-out diagrams. Euclidean and abstract simplicial complexes. Introduction to homological algebra. Homology with coefficients. Category of polyhedra. Cohomology of polyhedra. Cohomology ring, cap product. Triangulable manifolds. Surfaces and classification. Poincaré Duality. Fundamental group of polyhedra. Fundamental group and homology. Homotopy groups. Obstruction theory.  Applications: computational homology, persistent homology, data analysis, dynamical systems.

Book / Monography

Ferrario, Piccinini: Simplicial structures in topology. CMS Books in Mathematics, Springer, New York, 2011. xvi+243 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4419-7235-4

Springer Page

E-book in unimib.it domain.


Calendario appelli (di verbalizzazione esame, studio docente):

CODICE: F4001Q083

2017-02-14 10:00 
2017-03-14 10:00
2017-04-11 10:00
2017-06-20 10:00
2017-07-18 10:00
2017-09-12 10:00

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Lunedì    0830 - 1030, aula 2107 (cum tempore)
Mercoledì 1030 - 1230, aula 2109 (cum tempore)
Venerdì   0830 - 1030, aula 2107 (com tempore)

$8 \text{CFU} \times 7 \dfrac{\text{h}}{\text{CFU}} = 56 \text{h} = 28 \times 2 \text{h}$

2016-12-14 : Robert Ghrist, Barcodes: The persistent topology of data
2016-11-25 : Fundamental group of SO(3) and Dirac's scissors
2016-11-23 : ATTENZIONE: La lezione del venerdì 2 dicembre 2016 è rimandata (di tanto).
2016-11-21 : Homology of (simplicial spheres) and applications
2016-11-18 : Mesh, Barycentric Subdivision and Simplicial Approximation Theorem
2016-11-09 : Joins and Products of polyhedra
2016-11-09 : Ranks, Tensors and Abelian Groups
2016-11-04 : Graphs, trees and simplicial complexes
2016-10-27 : Computing the Smith Normal Form of a matrix (and homology?)
2016-10-14 : Extended note on Csaszar torus
2016-10-14 : Extended note on coproducts and products
2016-10-06 : Extended note on the counter-example for adjoint spaces.
 03 *01 Introduction. Topology of function spaces: compact-open topology. Adjoint of a map. 
 05 *02 Counter-example for the adjunction map property. Continuity of the composition and avaluation map for locally compact Hausdorff spaces. 
 07 *03 Introduction to categories: objects and morphisms. Examples. Homotopy and relative homotopy: the fundamental groupoid. 

10 *04 H-Top. Functors (covariant and contravariant). Examples. Free abelian group generated by a set, as functor. Hom (B,-) and Hom(-,B) as functors. 
 12 *05 Categorical co-products and products in Ab, Grp, Top, Top_*, ... Examples.
 14 *06 Coproducts and comma category; posets; push-outs in Set and Top.

17 *07 Simplicial complexes: euclidean, abstract, and categorical. 
 19 *08 Examples of complexes: sphere, torus. Euler formula. Csaszar Torus.
 21 *09 Geometric realization functor. Introduction to embeddings (of graphis).

24 *10 Immersions and embedding (linear). Pre-example of a chain complex (of $S^1$).
 26 *11 Smith normal form and chain complexes: an example.  
 28 *12 Computational Smith Normal Form. Introduction to chain complexes. 

31 *13 [YES]  => [SEMI-SKIP] Question time. Just a few students: a long example of homotopy with and without mistakes. (it does not count as lect.)

 02 *14 Chain complexes, d^2=0, definition of simplicial homology groups.
 04 *15 Computing homology. Graphs and trees. 

07 *16 Homology of a graph. Euler-Poincaré characteristic (introd). Rank, dim, tensor product?  
 09 *17 An algebraic digression: rank, tensor product, free groups, exact sequence and Euler-Poinceré characteristic formula. Chain complex of a pair. 
 11 *18 Homology of a pair and LES of the pair. Mayer-Vietoris Long Exact Sequence. 
        Join of simplicial complexes, of sphere, cone. Chain homotopy and homology of a cone. 

14 *19 Homology of a cone. Functoriality and chain homotopy. Homology groups of spheres. 
 16 *20 Product of simplicial complexes and geometric realizations (proof). 
 18 *21 Chain homotopy. Barycentric subdivision. Mesh.  

21 *22 Simplicial Approximation Theorem. Homology of maps and as functor on Top and HTop subcategory. Singular homology.
 23 *23 Tor functor, tensor product and applications: Homology with Coefficients, Universal Coefficients Theorem and Künneth Theorem 
 25 *24 Computing homology of SO3, P^nR, cellular/block homology. Dirac's scissors. Fundamental group and homology. 

28 *25 Homology of P^nR with coefficients in Z and Z2. Cohomology and left-exact hom-functor. Ext. UCT in cohomology.
 30 *26 Z2-Cohomology of P2. Cup and cap products, ring structure. (cellular) homology of torus, Klein bottle, P2, torus of genus 2.

 02 *27 [SKIP] - "Didattica e Saperi Disciplinari conference" 

05 *28 Cellular homology of closed surfaces. Classification theorem. Sketch of the proof. 
 09 [NO] VAC.

12 *30 (27) Cutting surfaces. Fundamental group. Poincaré duality. Applications. 
 14 *31 (28) => PSEUDO-ULTIMA LEZIONE: LS Category and homology of projective spaces. Borsuk-Ulam and odd degrees. Hint of Data analysis and persistent homology.  
 16 *32 

19 *33
 21 *34

 09 *35
 11 *36
 13 *37

16 *38
 18 *39 [VERY LAST (?)]
 20 *40

23 *41
 25 *42
 27 *43