Introductory Microlocal Graph Theory

S. Takahashi, E. Moore and C. H. Bose

This work is in the public domain.

The contents of this book were randomly generated by mathgen, a context-free grammar to produce random mathematical writing. The program is freely available online at Any similarity to real mathematics, mathematicians, persons, companies, entities, et cetera, is either coincidental or intended as parody. The name of the author was also randomly chosen and does not refer to a real person.

The mathgen program was written by Nathaniel Eldredge, based heavily on SCIgen by Jeremy Stribling, Max Krohn, and Dan Aguayo, which is a program to produce random computer science articles. SCIgen is also freely available online at

This book was generated on 2012-10-221 using the seed value 290210653.


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