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FAQ and Suggestions

Frequently Asked Questions and Suggestions

Q: I need an invitation letter to apply for a Visa. Whom should I contact?
A: Please send an email to CHAIR with subject “VISA Invitation Letter”. You also need to register as a participant and/or submit your abstract first. The invitation letter will be emailed as a PDF to the sender’s email address and, only if explicitly requested, the original mailed to the postal address as specified in the sender’s email message.

Q: Do I need to present a talk in order to attend the conference?
A: No. The conference is open to anyone interested in attending. Registration Fees still apply.

Q: How may I contribute to the conference?
A: Everybody interested should first register and submit an abstract of the proposed contribution. All contributions (Regular or Short/Poster) will be selected on the basis of scientific merit; authors of selected contributions will be then invited to contribute to this IUTAM Symposium. For more information on IUTAM Symposia please click HERE.

Q: How do I pay the Registration Fees?
A: Please register online, by entering your details HERE and by making your payment via the secure website HERE.

Q: How will the Registration Fees be used?
A: IUTAM is a non-profit organization.The Registration Fees are used exclusively for organizing the activities of the Symposium. According to the preliminary estimate, the conference will need to spend a minimum of 200 Euros per participant just to cover the daily coffee and refreshments and the rental of the meeting rooms and technical equipment. There will be many other expenditures as well, such as the organization of conference program/schedule, related activties, materials, etc..

Q: Is there any financial support available to cover travel and local expenses?
A: There are some limited resources made available from IUTAM, the Department of Mathematics and Applications and the University of Milano-Bicocca and from ICTP to cover travel fares and lodging expenses for young researchers and participants from less favoured countries. Further information is available HERE.

Q: Is there any financial support available to cover the Registration Fees?
A: No. All participants (speakers or attendees) to this IUTAM Symposium must pay the Registration Fees.

Q: Can I make my hotel reservation through this conference website?
A: This IUTAM Symposium does not provide conference accommodation and no particular arrangement has been made. Hotels and meals in Venice are expensive, and we advise early booking. Some general information and useful links are given HERE.

Q: Can I drive up to the Istituto Veneto?
A: No. In Venice there are no roads for cars. You can drive up to Piazzale Roma. Parking the car nearby can be very expensive. For more information on how to reach the conference venue click HERE. Alternatively, you can visit one of the dedicated websites, such as THIS or THIS.

Q: What kind of equipment will be provided in the lecture room?
A: The Lecture room will have one screen and one data projector. Each speaker is encouraged to have his/her own presentation ready as PDF on his/her own laptop computer. If you need any other particular equipment please send an email request to CHAIR with subject “EQUIPMENT for Lecture”, specifying what type of equipment you will need.

Q: What if I need an overhead projector?
A: No overhead projector will be available.