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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers
Professor Emmanuel Dormy
(ENS Paris, France)
Tuesday April 12, 2:00pm
Models for the geodynamo
Professor Andrew Gilbert
(U Exeter, UK)
Wednesday April 13, 8:45am
The life and science of Konrad Bajer
Professor Rama Govindarajan
(TIFR, India)
Friday April 15, 8:45am
Instabilities in viscosity and
density stratified flow
Professor Gunnar Hornig
(U Dundee, UK)
Monday April 11, 2:00pm
Relaxation of braided magnetic fields
Professor William Irvine
(U Chicago, USA)
Tuesday April 12, 8:45am
The life of vortex knots and links and
the conservation of helicity across scales
Professor Robert Kerr
(Warwick U, UK)
Thursday April 14, 2:00pm
What trefoil reconnection says about
Navier-Stokes regularity
Professor Daniel Peralta-Salas
(ICMAT, Spain)
Monday April 11, 9:25am
Helicity is the only integral invariant
of volume-preserving transformations
Professor De Witt Sumners
(Florida State U, USA)
Thursday April 14, 8:45am
Conservation of writhe helicity under
anti-parallel reconnection
Professor Makoto Tsubota
(U Osaka, Japan)
Friday April 15, 2:00pm
Numerical simulation of quantum
turbulence in superfluid helium