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Travel and Venue Info

Travel Information

Palazzo Franchetti (also known as Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti) is the official venue of this IUTAM Symposium. It is located in the heart of Venice (see a large aerial view HERE), a stroll away from Piazza S. Marco (see a close-up view HERE). More information on the conference venue is given further below. Here we give some information on how to reach Palazzo Franchetti.

From Marco Polo Airport

Marco Polo is the nearest airport to Venice. There are several ways to reach Venice (click HERE for a large scale map of the Venice area).
From this airport:

  • - by public bus to Piazzale Roma:
  • by ACTV N. 5 Airport-Venice or
  • by ATVO Airport-Venice;
  • - by private taxi car to Piazzale Roma or to the mainland lagoon.
From the nearby mainland lagoon:
  • - by public ferry boat ALILAGUNA (similar to a city ferry);
  • - by private taxi boat to the jetty nearest to the “Accademia” ferry stop.
From Santa Lucia Train Station:

Santa Lucia train station is the railway station of Venice. For information on trains serving this station and for purchasing tickets online click HERE. There are several ways to reach Palazzo Franchetti from the square in front of Santa Lucia train station (see the detailed map HERE):

  • - by ACTV ferry N. 1 or N. 2. Ferry stops are marked on the map above by yellow bullets. Both services leave from the front of the train station (on the left) and run along the Grand Canal; N. 2 is slightly faster (fewer stops). The destination stop for Palazzo Franchetti is “Accademia”. Intermediate stops are: Riva di Biasio - S. Marcuola - S. Stae - Ca' D'Oro - Rialto – S. Silvestro - S. Angelo - S. Tomà - Ca' Rezzonico. From “Accademia” turn left and cross the Accademia bridge over the Grand Canal; Palazzo Franchetti is just on your right. The journey takes about 30 minutes;
  • - on foot, following the path shown in red HERE (about 30 minutes).

By Car

You can drive up to Piazzale Roma (see the map HERE). Then you must leave your car at one of the two car-parks in Piazzale Roma. Note that parking can be expensive and at times difficult due to the large number of tourists. There are also other parking areas on the nearby island of Tronchetto. The Tronchetto car-parks can be reached directly from Ponte della Libertà and from Piazzale Roma (through the access ramp). There is a rail shuttle between Tronchetto and Piazzale Roma that takes 3 minutes. On foot from Piazzale Roma to Palazzo Franchetti it takes about 20 minutes (see the map HERE).

Alternative Route (Mobility Difficulties)

People with mobility difficulties can avoid bridges and steps by using the ACTV ferry N. 2 (from Piazzale Roma or Santa Lucia train station). Disembark at “S. Samuele” stop and follow the path shown in blue on the map HERE: near Palazzo Grassi take Calle delle Carozze, then Salizada S. Samuele, turn left and follow Calle delle Botteghe to Campo S. Stefano, leading to Palazzo Franchetti (click HERE for an aerial view of the site).

Conference Venue

Palazzo Franchetti (also known as Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti) is located in the heart of Venice (see the aerial view map HERE) at the address:

Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti
S. Marco 2842
30124 Venezia
Telephone (Porter’s lodge): (+39) 041 2407755

The Porter’s lodge is open from Monday to Saturday, 8:00am – 8:00pm.

The reception area, the lecture hall and all the facilities (including toilets) are located on the ground floor. The registration will take place in the reception area near the lobby, where a wardrobe and cabinets are available to all the participants.

The lecture hall, called “Sala del Portego”, is part of a former foyer (portego), that was separated by an elegant glass wall during the last restoration. The modern lecture room, while retaining the late 19th-century wooden decorations, is supplied with modern technical equipment and can accommodate 168 seats with retractable tablets. The lecture room is equipped with 2 computers Toshiba Satellite Pro (running Win7 Pro and Office 2010) and video recording equipment. WiFi is available to all participants free of charge on site.

Piano Concert with Rhyme and Rhythm

A solo piano concert by the virtuoso British pianist Martin Jones will be held in the Concert Hall of the famous Palazzo Pisani in Campo Santo Stefano, home of the Conservatorio di Musica "Benedetto Marcello", located a short stroll away from Palazzo Franchetti (follow the path on the view map HERE). The address of the Conservatorio is:

Conservatorio di Musica "Benedetto Marcello"
Sestiere di San Marco 2810
30124 Venezia
Telephone (switchboard): (+39) 041 5225604

Eating out

For a typical Venetian gourmet food experience you should try the so-called "bacari", small tavernas and osterias spread all around in the old town (thus avoiding very expensive restaurants). These serve a great variety of simple, but really genuine, tasty food based on local traditional products, accompanied by wonderful, local wines. Here below is a little selection of good "bacari", tavernas and particular restaurants, some just a stroll away from Palazzo Franchetti.

    For a good "bacaro" (pron. bàkaro) or "bacareto" (pron. bakaráeto) (smaller "bacaro") nearby: For more substantial dishes in good tavernas and osterias nearby: ... and if the weather is good, these ones have tables outside, and a great view over the Giudecca Canal: Download the map HERE   restaurants

    For a list of the best 22 "bacari" downtown Venice (complete with map, addresses, pictures and comments) have a look at this very informative website I migliori bacari di Venezia (Italian only).


    Accommodation will not be arranged by the conference. Participants and accompanying people should take care of their accommodation individually. There are very many types of accommodations available near the conference site, all at a walking distance from the conference venue.

    If you have walking difficulties, or if you are accompanied by family with toddlers or baby carriage, consider the difficulties posed by crossing bridges with steps, and make enquiries before confirming accommodation.

    Here below is a short list of some useful links to help you to make your reservation.

    For Hotels, Bed&Breakfast accommodations, Apartments and Shared rooms:

    For Bed&Breakfast accommodations, Apartments and Shared rooms, in particular:

    For Bed&Breakfast accommodations at 20min walking distance:

    For Bed&Breakfast accommodations at 30min walking distance:

    For Bed&Breakfast accommodations at 40min walking distance: